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Your Slide Account is your all-access pass to Slideapalooza. You cannot get in without one. Why’s that? It’s where you activate your ticket.

Only activated tickets can enter the water wonderland, so sign up for your Slide Account now!

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Note for Parents and Guardians: Have an adult ticket and child ticket? Only adult tickets need to be activated and set up with a Slide Account.

Why do I need a Slide Account?

Your Slide Account is your all-access pass to Slideapalooza. You cannot get in without one.
Why’s that? It’s where you activate your ticket.

  • All access pass to Slideapalooza
  • Accept your waiver
  • Activate your ticket
  • Redeem your merch vouchers
  • View any cashless credit as well as Top Up at any time
  • Register your Cashless Credit Refund details

What’s this about Cashless Credit?

Slideapalooza is a completely cashless festival. All your Cashless Credit will be stored in your Slide Account.
When you arrive to the festival with your activated ticket, you’ll swap your ticket for a SlideBand that’ll automatically be linked to your Slide Account and all your Cashless Credit.

Here’s all the ways you can Top Up Cashless Credit:

  • Pre-Purchase Cashless Credit with your ticket purchase
  • Top Up inside your Slide Account with a Credit Card
  • Use one of our Self-Serve Top Up Stations inside the festival
  • Top Up with one of our friendly staff at one of our Top Up Stations


Fun Fact: Any unused Cashless Credit is available for refund in line with our refund policy.

Additional Information

How to add Cashless Credit

  • 1. Log Into your Slide Account
  • 2. Click on ‘Top Up Balance’
  • 3. Choose the amount you want to Top Up
  • 4. Enter your Credit Card details

How to redeem your Merchandise Voucher

  • 1. Log into your Slide Account
  • 2. Click on ‘Claim Vouchers’
  • 3. Enter in the first 8 digits of your Confirmation ID on your voucher, and voila! Automatically linked into your Slide Account for you to collect when you arrive!

How to get a refund for unused Cashless Credit

If you have any unused Cashless Credit* at the end of the festival, you can visit our Top Up Station and we will refund you any unused credit.

Alternatively, if you’ve already left the festival, you can log into your Slide Account and enter your bank details to claim your refund**.

The refund period for Slideapalooza Brisbane closes on February 27th, 2019. Please make sure all refund requests are submitted before that time.

*Refunds are not available for bonus Cashless Credit received. Bonus Cashless Credit would have been given during the Cashless Credit Happy Hour Promotion as well as through buying a Spectator ticket with the $5 bonus credit attached. 

**All refunds will begin processing at the close of the festival, beginning Monday, January 28. The refund form will be available for completion the Monday after each weekend. If you attended Jan 18-20, you can register for your refund beginning Jan 21.If you attended jan 25-17, you can register for your refund beginning Jan 28. Refunds for each festival weekend are processed 10 days after the close of the festival weekend.  

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