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It wouldn’t be Australia’s Largest Waterslide Festival without our collection of inflatable waterslides and of course, the sustainable use of our country’s most precious resource – water.

Slideapalooza is committed to the responsible use of water and ensuring water quality is monitored & maintained to meet local legislative guidelines.

Through continual research and expert consultation, Slideapalooza continues to develop new methods of improving water efficiency and reducing usage.

How do we do it?

Water Sustainability

It is the case with all Slidepalooza slides that the water is stored in the landing pool at the bottom of the slide. From here it is continuously filtered, sanitised and recirculated to the top of the slide throughout every slide session.

Regular testing in compliance with legislative guidelines guarantees the quality of the water being circulated. Through best operating practices water waste and any leakage is minimised by staff and participants. The water quality is filtered, sanitised and tested to ensure regulatory standards are met.

At the end of the festival water can be treated and repurposed or recycled for a secondary use. Subject to discussions with the venue or local council, the water can be returned to local treatment plants, used for irrigation purposes or other applications as deemed appropriate in each community.


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