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Knowing what to expect at Australia’s Largest Waterslide Festival can be a slippery slope. Slide on through our FAQs to understand all the ins and outs of your time at Slideapalooza.

General Festival

How early should I arrive before my slide session?

Your ticket is valid into the main festival area all day so please arrive at least 60mins early to collect your wristband, get a bite to eat, cloak any items and be at slide area at least 15 mins prior to the session start in order to maximise sliding time.

How do the slide sessions work?

There are 3 slide sessions a day on Fridays and 4 sessions a day on Saturdays and Sundays. Each session is 2 hours long with a capped attendance 1,000 PAX per session to ensure maximum slide time.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend arriving at the festival with your surf or swimwear on and ready to go. There are no change rooms, with the toilets as the only private space.

  • Bring the beach basics – towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to ensure you are safe in the sun.
  • Aqua shoes or thongs are the best footwear to move from slide to slide.
  • Proof of age card for all adult tickets. No ID, no bar service in the licensed areas. See more on our Terms and Conditions of entry here

Will there be a cloak room for my belongings?

Limited cloak room/lockers will be available at a cost – leave unnecessary items in the car and leave valuables at home.

Can I bring an inflatable?

Inflatables are the only permitted slide devices and will need to be under 1m in width. Inflate them at our inflation station. We encourage you to bring basic slide rings or any sort of Pool inflatable that you would like to slide with (inflatable pool toys only).

Inflatable slide rings will also be available for purchase on the day.

Can I bring my surfboard? Or my Boogie Board?

Boogie boards or surfboards are strictly not allowed. Inflatables are the only approved slide devices (under 1m in width).

How can I get my hands on that awesome Slideapalooza merch?

There will be a tent full of Slideapalooza merchandise for you to purchase at the event. We’re talking slide rings, towels, sunnies and more!

Can I bring my own food?

This is dependent on the type of venue Slideapalooza is held at, however, in most cases, outside food and beverages are not permitted. For further information, please check out the specific event information page. These pages can be located here. At all locations we’ll have an extensive offering of food and drink available for purchase.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Our liquor licence does not allow BYO, but we’ll have great bars onsite where you can purchase beverages.

I love to volunteer; can I volunteer at Slideapalooza?

Absolutely, and thanks in advance you little helper bee. Head to our Volunteer page and sign up to help us deliver some FUN.

Is there parking at the events?

Depending on your venue and location there will be parking, we always try to provide parking, at a fee, for convenience. Where parking is not available on site, we will provide all parking details on the specific event page.

Can I bring my camera?

GoPro’s & other action cameras are allowed but MUST be mounted on a short floating grip or head mount.

Selfie sticks and large camera devices are prohibited (and will probably end up in the bottom of the dam/pool anyway).

What is the weather policy?

Hmm… what’s rain made of? Water. What’s a key component in a water slide? (We’ll give you a hint- it’s not the slide) You guessed it, Water! Rain will mean better sliding and less water usage, so it’ll mean business as usual for the slides. However, any crucial event updates will be posted via the event Facebook Page and on the specific event page on the website.

Slide FAQs

How old do I have to be to slide?

Different sessions have different age restrictions. For all the age restriction details, visit the Our Slides page

What are the slide height restrictions?

Different sessions have different height restrictions. For all the height restriction details, visit the Our Slides page

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, you will need to sign a waiver online when purchasing your ticket.

Can I slide with my children?

Yes! There are some great options for double sliding with your children. Visit the Our Slides page to see which slides allow double sliding and which don’t.

How fast will I go on the slide?

The potential speed of each slide will depend on many factors like where we set up and the size of the slider. Our aim is to have you at a constant speed where you smile all the way down.

Will you have First Aid on site?

Slideapalooza have employed a comprehensive medical team to be on-site throughout the entire duration of the event. The medical team will be on call and ready to go at a moment’s notice in an unlikely event of an injury

Although we have designed our slide to be as safe as it can possibly be and have taken numerous precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, it is still your own responsibility to ensure you are acting and/or sliding in a manner that does not put yourself or others at risk of an injury.

If you do require first-aid at the event, please look for our first-aid marquee’s or look for the closest staff member and/or volunteer, they will be able to radio into the medical team to assist you.

How do I get from slide to slide?

Left, Right, Left, Right, March! There’s a bit of walking at Slideapalooza. With slides up to 150m long there will be the walk back to the top and from slide to slide, however we’ve designed the site to make things as accessible as possible to maximise your slide time.

Now that you know what we’re all about, what are you waiting for?

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